Antique and classic license plates for sale, including Texas license plates to register antique cars
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License plates for collectors - we have license plates from the United States, plus a few Australian and Canadian issues.  Collecting license plates is a fun hobby that all ages from the very young to the very old can enjoy.  Collecting doesn't requires much space, and license plate prices range from very cheap to very expensive -- you can adjust your license plate collection to whatever fits your space and budget!  Local, state, and national license plate clubs provide collectors a place to learn more about plates and buy, sell, or trade duplicates for plates they need.  It's a fun hobby that the entire family can enjoy!
License plates for Texas Year of Manufacture Antique Auto Registration - Nothing completes a quality vehicle restoration like a set of license plates issued in the same year as the vehicle was manufactured.  In fact, that's how we began collecting and restoring license plates!  We specialize in original and repainted pairs of Texas license plates suitable for registering antique and classic vehicles under Texas' year of manufacture (YOM) law.  We have many sets or pairs of original and repainted Texas Year of Manufacture license plates that you can use to register your antique or classic vehicle or muscle car.  We have high quality restored license plates for the show car, and see our Blemished Restorations for decent repainted plates at reasonable prices for the "driver" car!
License plates for Decorators and Crafters - We have thousands of license plates for bulk sale for décor or unique license plate craft projects.  Some are fairly new and in excellent condition, some are straight 60's plates with varying degrees of rust, still others have lots of "character" like dents, holes, dirt and other signs of hard use for use in bar-b-q restaurants and other rustic settings.  Creative crafters can make license plates into all kinds of unique, decorative craft items.
Texas Vanity or "Personalized" License Plates - We have many unissued 70's and 80's Texas vanity license plates, often called personalized license plates.  Buy 'em for a laugh or use them to decorate your restaurant, garage, shop, or other space.  Some people collect vanity license plates.  Some vanity slogans are funny, others require considerable thought to decide what the owner was thinking (or wasn't).  Vanity license plates, in addition to making colorful decorations, can be arranged to create a "guessing game" to occupy customer's time in business waiting areas.  They can also be used to create crafts or novelties.
Emergency equipment - One of our former businesses was an emergency equipment distributor.  We have a few N.O.S. vehicle warning lights, sirens, repair parts, and other items that can be used to restore antique and classic police cars, fire trucks, or ambulances.  These emergency lights and sirens were manufactured by Federal Sign and Signal Corporation for use on police cars, ambulances, fire trucks, and other emergency equipment.  They are not the cheap, imported models seen on many websites.

Sample License Plates - Many U.S. states and Canadian provinces issue sample license plates specially  for collectors.  Sample plates have the same colors, graphics, and serial number layout as the issue year's "regular" registration plate, but cannot be used to register a vehicle.  A sample license plate commonly features a serial number like "AAA-000", "000-000", or the word "SAMPLE".  We offer several older issues that you can no longer purchase directly from the state, and our DMV information pages contain information to order current issues (if offered) directly from each state's DMV.
Turner Plates sells authentic antique and classic Texas and U.S. licenese plates for collectors
Turner Plates sells authentic antique and classic Texas year of manufacture license plates to reguster antique and classic vehicles
Turner Plates sells authentic Texas personalized or vanity license plates
Turner Plates sellls bulk license plates for use by decorators and craft enthusiasts.
Turner Plates sells authentic United States sample license plates
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Miscellaneous - At our motto is "got stuff?"  We've got plenty, and thought that you might want some, too!  Here are a few things that don't fit the categories above.  This page is where we're selling some things that we no longer need since we're not "on the road" like a really nice vendor's canopy.  We also have several vehicles and other items.  Items on the Miscellaneous page can't be shipped and must be picked up.

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Whether you call them license plates, license tags, number plates, number tags, car plates, plates, pl8s, registration plates, or by any of several other names, Turner Plates offers a selection of license plates for plate collectors, decorators, crafters, and auto enthusiasts.  All license plates on our site, other than advertising and novelty plates (when offered), are genuine, authentic license plates that were issued by their respective state or province in the years indicated.

We offer license plates suitable for collecting, Texas antique and classic vehicle year of manufacture registration (plus some for other states), for use as decorations or in making crafts, and sometimes offer other automobilia related items other than license plates.  Here are a few things that you'll find on our site:

Most U.S. states offer antique and classic vehicle owners a method to either register their vehicle with Y.O.M. license plates or to display them on a vehicle that is currently registered through normal methods.  We are contacting each state DMV for their latest YOM registration information, which we will post in our DMV Information section as soon as we receive it.  Be sure to check that area of our site if you're interested in registering your antique, classic, vintage, hot rod, street rod, or muscle car with authentic year of manufacture license plates.
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